Timing tips for tackling skills

Timing is everything when it comes to tackling but commitment is also crucial. Ask your defenders to focus on these two elements when you're coaching tackling skills.

Soccer coaching tips for tackling skills

  1. Learning to tackle is like learning to swim. Some players take to it naturally.
  2. Some players need their confidence building up to help them work on this skill.
  3. The trick is to watch your players carefully and catch them when they get their tackling right. Get them to remember how good it feels to win a 50:50 ball.
  4. Remind your players how their posture was correct, and their balance was strong. And how their timing was simply perfect.

Some things to say to your soccer (football) players:

  • “Don’t tackle too soon. You’ll look foolish. Don’t tackle too late, the ref could be angry.”
  • “Tackle at just the right moment and you’ll win the ball nine times out of ten.”
  • “When you tackle, give it your full attention. Focus on the ball and getting it under control. Everything else is irrelevant.”

For a soccer drill to coach the block tackle to your players, click here.

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