Teamwork warm up drill

Make sure you start your soccer coaching sessions in a fun way with a warm-up drill they’ll enjoy and which will prepare them for the level of performance you want them to be at when your coaching points are being put across.
A lot of soccer (football) coaches don’t take the warm-up drills seriously. But it’s no use having players only 50% ready to learn at the beginning of your main soccer coaching session, because it will take another 5 or 10 minutes for them to get up to speed.

This warm-up drill only takes seconds to set up, so it’s ideal for the days when you turn up to training straight from work and need time to organise yourself. Get your players playing straight away and the pressure will be off for a good 10 or 15 minutes.

Apart from warming-up, young players learn a great deal about co-ordination. The players in the huddle have to use their skills to keep the lone tagger at bay. They have to think quickly to gain the upper hand. Meanwhile, the lone tagger is on the prowl, trying to catch the bibbed player.

Soccer (football) warm up drill

How to run the warm-up drill

  • Three players create a triangle by holding hands – or putting their hands on their partners’ shoulders if they object to holding hands!
  • One of the three players should be wearing a coloured bib.
  • A fourth player (the tagger) must try to touch the player wearing the bib as the triangle swivels around to protect him.
  • The triangle of players must remain joined. If anyone drops their hands, restart the game.
  • After three tags, the tagger swaps places with a member of the triangle.

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