Technique in Tight Spaces

Watch the touch and ability to use all parts of the feet in tight spaces on the pitch from creative players like Eden Hazard and get your players to develop their creative side.

Why use it

This is a very good technical practice for players of all ability to hone their technique when receiving and passing at speed in tight spaces like the penalty area. Helps with movement and first touch.

Set up

You need balls, bibs and cones in an area 8 x 8 yards. We used 8 players in the session.

Technique in Tight Spaces

How to play

Split your players into two teams of four. Two players from each team are in the centre of the square – the other two are outside the square on opposite sides. Each team has a ball and the ball must travel from one outside player through the middle two players to the other side – all four players must touch the ball to score a point. Work on two touch and one touch then run it without any touch limits. Also after a few minutes allow the outside players to pass to each other although to score a point all players must touch the ball.


Lots of movement and positional sense, looking to be open to the ball but avoiding the other team in the tight space. First touch vital to the game as is accuracy of passes. You want the game to reach a high tempo once played a few times.

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