Get your players to turn and shoot just like Messi with this attacking drill that will improve both their ball control and their shooting ability

Why use it

Creating space in thepenalty box with a simpleturn and shot is vital tothe success of any striker.It gives attackers the edgeover defenders when theyturn in the area.

Set up

Use an area 25×25 yards with a goal at each end. Put two passive defenders or cones on the halfway line, about 10 yards in from each touchline.

How to play

A pass is played into the attacker who must use only three touches to control, turn and shoot. The defenders can only shadow the players not tackle. Make the defenders active once your players are turning and shooting with ease. Because the game is continuous, rotate the defenders every five turns.


This is a great set up for players to practice using a technique like a hook turn and then using their instep or the front of their foot to hit the target. Players should be encouraged to use both feet. Speed is of great importance so encourage fast runs to the cone and quick turns. Having only three touches will help speed up the action but it requires more skill so some players may need more touches.

    1. Player at A runs into the centre to receive a pass from B. He must control, turn and shoot. The passive defenders can try to block but cannot tackle

      2. Player B follows the pass and now becomes the centre player

        3. Player B turns the opposite way to control, turn and shoot

          4. When the players turn they should try to use a skill like the hook turn or a step over

            5. Now the defenders are active, they must start at the cones and cannot move until the player in the centre has received the ball, encouraging quick play

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