Three man passing warm down drill

This is a soccer drill I often use as a warm-up or a warm-down to get my players concentrating on control and passing while they are running.

Unopposed passing on the run is good for improving a number of soccer skills. It is a good soccer fitness drill, it helps make control and passing instinctive, and it’s also great to use when you have had a soccer skills session where your players have been concentrating in small areas and need to be unleashed.

Soccer drill set up

Divide your players into groups of three and let them run right down the centre of the pitch, passing the ball in sequence. My players love this soccer drill.

Here’s how the drill works:

You can use different speeds – slow, jogging, fast – but ideally let the players sort out the best speed for the three of them.

soccer drill to get three players running at same speed and passing uninterrupted between each other


  • Tell players to start off jogging so they can build up to a speed that suits all three of them – player A passes directly in front of him for player B to run and collect.
  • Player B collects the pass and immediately plays the ball in front for player C to run on to.
  • Player C passes it on to the supporting player A and so on.

You can tell your players to only use their weaker foot, or get them going on one-touch movement. Tell them to try longer passes or different angles. You can make the soccer drill as hard or simple as you – and they – want it to be.

What to look for in the drill:

  • Tell your players they must concentrate on the weight of their passes in this soccer drill and the direction of both run and ball – don’t get in each other’s way.
  • Tell your players their movements should be focusing on accuracy and keeping at a pace that suits them all.

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