Three Ways to Win

Objective: to improve dribbling skills, ball control and shooting.

Age group: U8 upwards.

Set up: set up a 30×20 yard playing area with a small goal at each end.

Place two gates (use flat cones placed about two yards apart) on each side of the playing area and a foot or two in from the sidelines.

Divide your players into teams of four. No goalkeepers.

How to play:

Points are scored in three ways:

1. by passing the ball through a gate to a team-mate;

2. by making a set number of passes or

3. by scoring a goal.

Coaching points:

It’s important to let young players achieve success so adjust the number of passes required to score a point according to the age and skill of your players.

With young players, I suggest you start with two or three passes and gradually increase the number.

If you want to encourage keeping possession give more points for keeping the ball for a set number of passes.

But always give the most points for scoring a goal. That’s what soccer is all about!

If you want to emphasise passing skills award extra points for a pass through a gate.

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