Every player should have at least three turns in their locker. These turning soccer drills will help you coach your players to be comfortable executing a number of different types of turn.

This soccer skill will mean your team keeps possession for longer, your players have more time on the ball, and you score more goals.

U14 develop turning skills game - part 1

Return to play: Turning skills

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Please check out the latest sport and social distancing guidelines in your area, and follow the recommendations when planning training sessions. This is a simple passing, turning game which will give your players the ability to receive the ball and turn with it to pass in another direction MORE

How to coach turning drills- part 1

The art of turning

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Being able to turn with the ball under close control is an important skill in any player’s armoury. “The art of turning” will improve your players’ ability to turn whilst dribbling the ball and turning away from a defender when receiving a pass. MORE

Turning with the ball

Shoot on the turn

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Turning with the ball is a skill in itself but there should be an end product which is created by turning with the ball – in this case the players turns and finishes by shooting MORE

Win the ball, score a goal

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In matches there are all sorts of situations that face a player – 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and so on. You need your attacking players to take advantage of these situations to win the ball and fire a shot at goal. MORE

U14 develop turning skills game - part 1

Develop turning skills (U14 game)

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In this session the player controlling the ball turns, swinging his body around ready to take a route towards the goal i.e. away from the defender, who will struggle to make a challenge if the control and turn is made skilfully enough. MORE

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