5 minute warm-up

This five minute fitness drill can be used during your training sessions for a quick break to help coaching points sink in, or as an incentive for a drinks break.

Why use it

This is a great warm-up to get your players moving in all directions so they are ready to play in matches.

Set up

You need flags, mannequins (or use cones), balls and cones. In a corner of your training pitch set up an area 10 x 10 yards with four mannequins or cones in a 2 yard square in the centre – this is a quick set up leaving you with three or four minutes to play the session.

5 minute warm-up

How to play

Split your players into four groups of two players. The first player in each pair starts in the middle and runs through the cones to their partner who serves a ball to them to perform a pass, volley or header


This session uses game specific actions to give your players a quick skills workout.

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