Arrowhead soccer warm up drill

This great soccer warm-up drill gets your players moving in different directions and working on skills such as sprinting, turning and agility. It’s a simple soccer drill to set up, so you can have four or five drills going at once and spread your players out.

Warm up drill set up tips

You need to place three cones in the shape of an arrowhead for this warm up drill, leaving about five yards space between each cone. The players should complete four movements, then rejoin the back of the queue.

soccer warm up drill with cones in arrowhead shape and players sprinting, running backwards through cones
The players must always face forwards during this soccer warm up drill.

  1. Sprint to the top of the arrowhead.
  2. Go backwards to the left hand cone. (The second time they do the drill, players should go to the right hand cone).
  3. Sidestep to the opposite cone.
  4. Turn and sprint back.

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