Bib pull-away


Good warm-up to get players brains in gear to think about the game that is coming up and to make sure they are in top gear.

Set up

Set up an area 10×10 yards you need balls, bibs and cones. We used 6 players in the session.

How to do it

Give each player a bib, which must be tucked into the back of their shorts. On your whistle, the players must move around the area and try to pull someone else’s bib away. At the same time, they must also try to protect their own bibs. If a player’s bib gets pulled away, he is out of the game. The last player left after every other player has lost his bib, is the winner.


Players must stay side on to each other so as to be able to survey all threats. Players must also keep looking around, never standing still. This is an interesting warm-up that will help you see certain characteristics in players – which go on the offensive, looking to grab other players’ bibs, and which are more concerned with protecting their own?

Warm up with Bib pull away

    1. Players are in an area and each one has a coloured bib tucked in his shorts
    2. Players chase each other and try t to take the bib from their opponents
    3. It is important for players to try and move and protect their bib as well

chasing warm up

    4. when a player loses his bib he must go out of the game
    5. The winner is the last player with the bib still in his shorts
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