Dribble turn

This simple and fun activity is perfect for use on match days, allowing you to warm up your players with a quick burst of movement and a focus on technique

Difficulty rating ☆☆★★★

Quick technical warm up that helps players to get an early feel for the ball. The distances are short so your team won’t tire, changes of direction help them to concentrate on ball control.

Set up

To set up for this simple to use and fun warm-up activity, you will need balls and cones. In an area 10 x 10 yard mark out a 4 x 4 yard square in the centre using cones. We used 10 players in the warm up they should be spread around the area.

How to play

Have two or three balls working simultaneously. The players must dribble into the middle square, which measures 4×4 yards. They must then complete a change in direction with a turn or a skill, then dribble out of the area to a team-mate who takes over the ball and dribbles through the square.


Players should be using a good first touch to get the ball out from under their feet and use a running technique to get to the small square then quick feet touching the ball around the cones to come out in another direction.

    1. The session starts with players dribbling a ball from the edge of the main area into the middle square
    2. Players must change direction inside the square and dribble the ball away from the centre

    3. The ball must be dribbled to a team mate on the side who takes over dribbling the ball
    4. There should be two or three players going simultaneously
    5. When paths cross players must be aware of each other and try not to impede them
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