Dribble and underlap support

Simple set up to show players how to make supporting runs with the player on the ball and adds a bit of creativity into the mix with subtle additions like backheels.

Why use it

Makes youth players understand the need to support the player on the ball

Set up

You need balls, bibs and cones. Set up a 15×15 yard playing area. We used 8 players in the session.

How to do it

Arrange your players around the four corners of the square, as shown. The first player must dribble the ball towards the middle of the square. The second player makes an underlapping run in behind the first player. The first player backheels the ball into the second player’s path and then sprints out of the area. The second player receives the backheel and then dribbles out of the area. The practice is repeated in the opposite direction.


Dribbling technique and timing are both important in ensuring the players make the ‘crossover’ at the right time. The trick must be well executed, something that requires technical skill and concentration. Look for players to quicken the pace as they become more familiar with the warm-up, and encourage its use in match situations at the first opportunity.\

Dribble and support

    1. Two player start on each corner of the square – you need a ball at each end of the square
    2. The player on the bottom left of the square dribbles the ball out and immediately a player on the opposite bottom corner runs to support
    3. The ball is backheeled into the path of the second player who dribbles to the diagonal opposite corner to the one he started on

    4. The player who passed the ball runs to the corner opposite the one he started on
    5. Two new players now run from the other end and do the same sequence – play continues in waves
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