Dribbling gates

I was asked at training last week: “How do you warm a striker up?” The answer has to be: “The same as everyone else.”

A striker has to control, pass and run with the ball. They will not be shooting the whole time, indeed they may only shoot once or twice in a game.

I like to get my strikers running with the ball alongside my midfielders and my defenders. Running with the ball and changing direction brings a match-like experience to your warm-ups. It does what it says on the tin… warms players up for a match.


How to play it

  • Give each player a ball.
  • The players must attempt to dribble through as many gates as possible in a set time period.
  • They aren’t allowed to repeatedly go in and out of the same gate.

How to advance it

Now the players must dribble through the gate and then make a turn back through the same gate.

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