First touch warm up

Great activity to use before a game or training to warm players up with a simple passing exercise

Set up

Create a 10×10 yard area with cones positioned towards diagonal corners in the area for the two serving players to stand on. You need 7 players, including the serving players, balls and cones.

How to play it

The two serving players are inside the area and bounce passes with the players on the corners of the area. Two balls are in play at once and play starts with a one two from two of the players on opposite corners with the servers and then they play a first time pass to the next corner once they have received the ball back. Players move to the next corner to finish the play. On the two corners without a server the player there receives and passes to the next corner for them to play a one two and follows the pass.


Good warmup for getting players to pass and move with accuracy and good coordination

1. Start play on opposite sides of the area with a passes to the servers
2. After the one two the player controls the ball then plays a pass to the player at the next one

3. This player now makes a one touch pass to the next player on a one-two cone
4. Players follow the pass to the next cone and keep on moving around the square

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