Get to the opposite group

Get to the opposite group – go when your number is called.

This is a great warm-up to get your players ready for passing and receiving in a match.

How to do it

    Arrange your players into two groups.
    Let the two groups number themselves 1 to 4.
    Tell the players to continually pass the ball and move in their areas.
    Call out a number and that player must sprint across to the opposite area to join that team and continue to pass and move.
    OR call out a number and that player must dribble the ball across to the opposite area.


Vital that there is good passing and receiving with good first touch and accuracy on the pass

Five minute warm up

    1. Players are numbered 1-4 in each of the groups
    2.They must listen out for their number to be called then dribble the ball to the opposite group
    3.Make sure passes are accurate and the correct weight
    4.Try to keep control of the ball in the groups and dribble using both feet
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