Focus your players with a sensory warm up drill

During a match or a soccer training session your players will have to react quickly on the pitch using their senses. Help sharpen their communication skills and sensory reaction times with this soccer warm-up drill.

Soccer drill set-up tips

This soccer drill involves a series of sprints over ten yards. It is called “See, hear, feel.”

Line up two rows of players, ten yards away with a gap of about a yard between the rows. Mark the 10 yards with a cone the players have to touch.

The players are going to react to you in three ways:

Sprint 1 – visual

The players wait for you to drop a ball and then they sprint.

Sprint 2 – audio

The players wait for your call or whistle and then they sprint.

Sprint 3 – touch

The coach stands behind the players. The players wait for you to tap them on the shoulder, then they sprint.


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