Hamstring muscles warm up drill

This quick soccer warm-up drill helps to prevent hamstring muscle tears and strains, which are among the most common soccer injuries. The drill replicates the eccentric (lengthening) movement associated with high-speed running and deceleration.

You don’t want your best players pulling up in agony because they didn’t stretch their hamstrings before the soccer coaching session begins or just as a match starts, so it’s crucial that you get players to warm up and stretch their muscles first. This soccer warm-up drill is easy, it’s simple and it helps with match fitness.

Set up the warm up drill

Tell your players to kneel on the pitch with their feet anchored by a partner. Keeping the trunk straight, tell them to slowly lean forward to a manageable distance before slowly returning to the start position.

Key soccer coaching tips

Avoid flexing at the hips. To start with, tell your players they can put their hands down after leaning forward to assist with returning to the start point.

Five repetitions is a good start to stretching all the muscles.


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