Individual possession – warm-up


This practice encourages young players to stay on the ball, developing confidence in possession, and the technical and physical ability to both retain possession and escape into space, or use the ball.


Set up an area relative to the age and ability of your players. Most players need a ball each, the others should be holding a bib each.


The ‘splatters’ aim to throw their bibs on the attackers’ balls for a point – they must also shout ‘splat!’ as they do so. Attackers have 10 lives and lose one each time they get splatted.

Progressions: Attackers can regain a life by carrying out a skill or turn (e.g. Cruyff turn, L-turn, stepover) when they reach a coloured cone. Give each player a ball. Players aim to kick other players’ balls out of the area, while retaining their own.

Adaptations: The playing area can be made smaller to increase the challenge. Or, set up small areas within the playing area which are ‘safe zones’, to enable less confident players to take a short five-second break.


• ‘Hide, manoeuvre and reveal’ the ball, when holding off a defender, before escaping into space
• Use furthest foot from the defender to move the ball
• Use arm and body to protect the ball

1. Defenders aim to throw their bibs on attackers’ balls, meaning they are frozen until a team-mate passes through their legs

2. Progress so more players are now defenders

3. Progress so each player has a ball and they aim to kick others’ balls out while retaining their own

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