Line chase

This simple and fun activity is perfect for use on match days, allowing you to warm up your players with a quick burst of movement and a focus on technique

Difficulty rating ☆★★★★

Simple to set up and simple to do, but this does need accurate passing and good player movement. Good for match days when you want a quick warm up for movement and technique.

Set up

To set up for this simple to use and fun warm-up activity, you will need to place two cones approximately 12 yards apart. Another six cones are needed, with three positioned centrally on either side of the line between the first two cones. These additional cones should be two yards apart. We are using six players for this warm-up. You will need cones and balls.

How to play

Split your players into two groups of three and put them opposite each other on the main cones. Players must try to keep a passing sequence going between the two groups using one or two touches, then they must race through the line of side cones to the right of their main cone before going to the opposite end. Each player should make three trips through the cones.


You must make sure that your players pass the ball quickly and accurately to ensure that this warm-up drill retains its momentum and motion. You can progress the session by making the distance between the two passing cones greater and by moving the side cones further away. This would require a much greater effort to complete the activity.

1. Split the group into threes and set them up opposite each other
2. The first player passes to his opposite number then moves quickly to the cones on his right, ready to race through the cones
3. The player opposite returns the pass before running through the cones on his right

4. The next set of players in the line pass and move to keep the ball going between the two sets of players
5. Players do three sets of runs trying to keep the ball going without it going off course

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