Movement rotation support

I’m always looking for my players to get the basics right in matches, with passing and receiving at the heart of that.

Create a practice that rehearses tactics and creativity too, and you have a challenge that can be run by itself, or as a warm-up before a match.


How to play it

  • You need balls, bibs, cones and goals, in a 40×20 yards, as shown above. Play six attackers against two defenders.
  • In the first zone there are three attackers versus one defender, 2v1 in the second, with a lone attacker in the third (see top picture).
  • Play starts with the 3v1 – each attacker must touch the ball before it is passed into the 2v1 zone. Again, both attackers must touch the ball before it’s moved on.
  • The attacking team successfully completes the challenge by passing to the lone attacker.
  • When he receives the ball, players must run across to the opposite end so attackers and defenders move to recreate new box overloads (see middle picture).
  • Any defender winning the ball must link up with team mates in attempting to hold up play for as long as possible (see bottom picture).
  • Attackers must score as many points as possible – one for each successful switch – but deduct a point each time a defender intercepts the ball. When this happens, play is returned to the start player.
  • Play for two minutes then rotate positions.

Technique and tactics

  • This session coaches players to master the basic elements of passing, receiving and movement, coupled with the right decisions of when and where to pass, so look for all of those key elements.
  • We want players to show intelligence and skill first and foremost, but patience as well.
  • And although the emphasis is on the attacking team, this is a great practice for defenders coping against overloads.
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