On the half-turn – warm-up


This warm-up is designed to give all players an unopposed practice at playing forward passes, as well as receiving the ball on the half-turn.


The area used for this warm- up should be the same area as the centre circle of the pitch. Minimum numbers should be 10 players. I have shown this with 14. Flat cones work best.


Both teams start with a ball each. They both have one player from each team in the middle of the circle. Both teams start at the same time playing a forward pass into their teammate and then quickly following their pass into the middle. The player in the middle must receive the ball on the half turn – this will allow them to play a pass to a player in front of them. Once they have played that pass, they move out of the middle and into free space (they do not follow their pass). A progression for the practice would be to have a third ball being passed clockwise around the outside between both teams. This will challenge decision making.


  • Weight of pass
  • Good understanding of receiving on the half-turn
  • Playing forward early from middle of pitch
  • Scanning for right option
  • High tempo

1. Teams each have a ball and play into their player in the middle, who plays out to another teammate

2. The original passer moves into the middle, while the original middle player moves out to a new space

3. Progress with players passing a separate ball around the outside

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