One touch both feet

This exercise replicates the kind of movement attackers make during matches as they try to create space for a shot at goal. It works on first-time shooting with both feet to sharpen even the dullest striker in front of goal.

Set Up

Use the penalty area of your pitch. We’ve used seven players for this session. It also needs a server who is good enough to play balls of the right weight and direction, so you may want to perform this role yourself at first. You need balls, cones and a goal.

How to play

The players run around the cones and you pass a ball into the penalty area for them to shoot first time at the goal. Tell players they must use the foot nearest the ball. The player shooting is the trigger for another player to go round the cones on the opposite side, making it a continuous exercise.


This is a great way to get players using both feet so that in a match they will do it instinctively rather than try to shoot with their favourite foot. Praise attempts with a player’s weaker foot however poor in direction and power.

    1. The working player must sprint around the cones, mimicking movement around the penalty area to create space
    2. The sever must play a ball into the penalty area on the side the working player is running

    3. A first-time shot should be hit straight away before the ball has gone past the penalty spot
    4. The goalkeeper must initially stay in his six-yard box, but to progress the session try releasing him to put pressure on the attacker

    5. Immediately the working player shoots, another player begins his run on the opposite side
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