One touch soccer speed drill

This soccer drill is what good training sessions are all about, it will help warm up your players and give them a good skill-building session with fitness and fun thrown in.
fitness drill to improve speed, agility, stamina and skill

This is a great drill for a training session

The drill has all the ingredients you want for youth soccer coaching drills: skill, speed, agility, fitness, stamina, plus there is an element of competition and it is lots of fun.

Drill set up

For this drill you need two teams of around five in each team, there can be more or less but five is about right. Set out four cones 10 metres apart. In the middle is one team, players in two rows about two metres apart. Offset the players in a zig-zag formation. This team has to pass the ball from the player on one end of the zig zag to the player on the other end by one touch passing. If the pass goes wrong, or the player uses two touches, it goes back to the beginning.

Each time the ball goes from one end to the other, the team scores a point. The time they have to do this depends on the other team.

Get the team around the square quickly

Team two has to get all its players around the square in a relay style race as quickly as possible. Once the last player has run around, the team sits down and the coach stops the passing team. The first team sets the target, then team two gets a chance to score as many points as possible while team one runs around the square.

Key soccer coaching tip: The harder your players work, the better their chances of winning.

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