Pass and react

This tricky activity may be hard to perfect, but once your players get the measure of it, you will soon see their passing improving


If you play this with one-touch it guaranteed not to last long – but if you can get players to be good at this and get them reacting quickly, it is a great passing warm-up.

Set up

You need to set up two lines of players and have them standing 15 yards apart. We have used seven players in this warm up but you can adapt the numbers to suit your requirements. You will need balls and cones.

How to play it

A server stands in the middle of the two lines facing either line. The player at the front of the line that the server is facing passes the ball to her. She touches the ball off a yard either to the left or right and the player must react and run onto the lay-off. The player then passes on to the opposite end first time. She follows the pass and joins the back of the queue.
The server now receives the ball from the player who received the pass, and the game continues. The server can use a variety of techniques such as looped pass or bounced pass.


Players have to adjust their body shape to the server’s pass and get their feet in the right place to run onto the ball. Look for good passing and a good reaction to the side the server chooses.

    1. The session starts with a pass from one end to the server in the middle .
    2. The server decides which side to lay the ball off on and the working player must run to receive on that side

    3. When play reaches the other end it turns around and the receiving player passes the ball back to the server and must react to her pass.
    4. Here the server plays an early pass which the working player must get out from under her feet
    5. The server varies the style and direction of the pass to ensure players react quickly.
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