Pass move shoot

This is a great session for getting attackers to be open to the pitch and it will help your striker learn when to shoot and when to tee up a team-mate


Why use it

This session is all about recycling the ball through midfield to get it to a target player, who has the option of passing to a supporting player or taking on the keeper himself.

Set up

Use half a normal pitch, with a goal and a keeper. Place a cone just behind the D of the penalty area and one on the far side of the centre circle. Put three cones across the pitch half way between the penalty area and the centre circle, with one in the centre of the pitch and the other two 10 yards either side.

How to play

Players must work around the cones with player A starting in the penalty area and player D in the centre circle. The other two players (B and C) must start by the middle of the three cones. The ball is passed to the outside cones and B and C must react to the their respective passes.


Players B and C must be able to see A and D, who are at opposite ends of the pitch. Play builds up to a striker who must use skills on the edge of the area to set up a scoring opportunity by turning and shooting or using the support player.

Pass and turn

    1. The passes are to the cones not the players, who must move to collect the pass and turn and pass to player D
    2. Defenders must try to make up ground quickly to stop the attacker getting to the ball first

Passing and movement

    3. When players have passed the ball they must follow the pass, so A goes to B, B goes to D, D goes to C
    4. When player C passes to player A he must support the pass on the outside, giving options to the striker

    5. On receiving the ball player A can turn and shoot, or pass to supporting player C, or play a one-two with C. Limit his touches to make it harder
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