Perfect Passing

This simple passing exercise will encourage your young players to work on their possession so they can dictate the play at speed in match situations.

Why use it

This session is to help players to pass the ball at speed and will improve the skills of young players in one of the most vital areas of the game – possession. It also helps encourage supporting runs on the outside of a team-mate and helps players understand link play.

Set up

Set up an area 15×10 yards. We are using 10 players in this session. You need balls and cones.

Perfect passing

How to play

Follow the passing sequence in the diagram, making sure players use communication to let other players know when to pass. Look for accuracy and weight of pass. B and C should be rotated every four goes as they are the servers and you want them to take part.


This is an unopposed session to get players looking up and calling for the pass. It is vital that players look up so they pass accurately. This simple passing sequence will help you to gradually speed up your players’ first touch, control and pass so that they will do it at speed in matches and so that they know how to take advantage when they have possession.

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