Pre match soccer warm up drill

One way of getting your players into the right frame of mind for a match is to use good warm-up drills. If you are all in a big circle you can also talk to your players and remind them about their responsibilties towards the team, the opposition and the officials.

I like to get my players around me and call out to them what they have to do in the circle for this soccer warm-up drill. I tend to use this time to talk to them about the game as well. It builds great team spirit.

Set up the drill

Mark out a circle in cones that each of your players will stand behind – not too big a circle, you want each player about five yards from the centre where you stand.

The players have to react to your call in this warm up drill:

  • Go left – players side step continuously to the left.
  • Go right – players side step continuously to the right.
  • Two left or one right – players move one or two cones to the side called.
  • Middle – players run into the coach and jockey backwards out.
  • Go – the players sprint across the area and switch places with the player opposite.

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