Pressing from the front – Warm Up


This warm-up introduces players to the concepts of pressing, recognising triggers and approaching at an appropriate speed and with the correct body shape.



Use a 10×10 diamond. Players should line up behind each point of the diamond. One ball is needed.



The ball starts with player 1, who passes to player 2. While the ball is travelling, player 3 sprints to press player 2. Player 1 joins the end of the line to their left. Player 2 then plays to player 4, who is closed down by the new player 1. The pattern continues.

Progressions: You can switch the direction of play, so instead of playing to the right and moving to the left, players will pass to the left and move to the right. The practice can then be further progressed to allow players to play either left or right, which will then work on triggers, anticipation and body shape of the pressing player.



Coaches should ensure players are anticipating the next pass and pressing quickly when it is their turn. Players also need to consider their angle of approach and body shape when pressing, identifying cues and triggers.

1. Players start in four lines, forming a diamond shape. Player 1 passes to player 2

2. As the pass is made, player 3 presses the receiver, while player 1 joins the back of the line to their left

3. Player 2 then passes to player 4, while the opposite player presses. Player 2 joins the back of the line to their left

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