Receiving loud and clear – Warm Up


This warm-up gives players the opportunity to practice the different ways of receiving the ball to try to score.


You will need at least four balls – the number of balls must match the number of goals you set up. You will also need one or two more players then you have goals so players have enough chances to practice without losing interest without the ball.



Players look to create space to receive the ball to look to score. Only when they receive the ball can they step out of the area. Once a player has received the ball, they can take a shot on goal.



Players should first look to receive on the foot closest to the goal they are scoring in, and then try to receive on the foot away from the goal and receive in the space.

A player’s first touch should be into space. Can the first touch set the striker to shoot on their second touch? Encourage players to be thinking about the next step and how. Players should adopt a body shape to show the passing player where they want the ball. Challenge players to shoot and hit the net first.

1. Players start within the middle of the playing area, some with a ball

2. Players without a ball look to receive a pass in the outer area

3. Players should work to receive the pass with a body shape and first touch which will allow a quick, accurate shot on goal

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