Recover and regroup – Warm Up


While the main focus of the session is to focus on out-of-possession recovery, we want some good, quick attacking football to defend against. These 1v1 challenges give every player the chance to apply pressure, force transitions, and counter attack.



Lay out channels with end zones, around 15-20 yards long, with varying widths.



In pairs, play 1v1 for 30-60 seconds. Each successful carry into the end zone scores a point. When the time is up, the player who scored the most points moves up to the next channel, and the other player either stays where they are or moves down.



Techniques include:

Pressure – can you get close to limit time and space for the ball-carrier?

Delay – Can you slow your opponent to limit their scoring chances in the time?

Dictate – can you push your opponent back towards their end zone, or wide to the edges of the channel? Differing channel widths will require different decision- making 360 vision – Can you scan and place yourself in the channel to help dictate play?

1. Set up a series of 1v1s in channels with end zones and varying widths

2. Players aim to beat their opponent in a 1v1 duel to reach the opposite end zone

3. After a set time, winning players move along to the next channel to face a new opponent

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