‘Sharks’ and ‘fishes’ – Warm Up


This fun game is a great way to introduce ABCs (agility, balance, coordination, speed) to your session and get players warmed up.


Set up an area relative to the age and ability of your players. Players don’t need a ball to start with, but this can be introduced later.


Choose a few of your players to be ‘sharks’, while the rest are ‘fish’. Sharks aim to tag the fish. If they are successful, tagged players must stand still with arms outstretched. They can then be freed by other fish running underneath their arms. Progress the session by making one player a ‘dolphin’ (in blue here).

The dolphin can free the fish but also tag the sharks. Further progress the game by giving all sharks and fish a ball to dribble as they play (image 3). This time, if a fish is tagged, they stand with legs wide and their ball held above their head. They can only be freed by another fish passing their ball between their legs.


Encourage players to consider ways to dodge and feint to escape the sharks; encourage changes of direction and speed; when balls are introduced, encourage players to take small touches when dribbling in tight areas and bigger touches when running into space.

1. Set up by choosing a few players to be the ‘sharks’ (reds), the rest are fish (white). Sharks aim to tag the fish

2. One player (blue) can be a dolphin and they can tag sharks and free fish

3. Progress the game by giving each player a ball to keep control of as they play

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