Soccer coaching warm-up developing heading techniques

Try this warm-up. called “Heading knock-off”. to help your players develop their heading techniques. By Michael Beale

How to set it up:

  • Arrange your players into two teams.
  • You will need a helper alongside you since you will both act as servers.
  • For each team, set up three cones approximately two yards apart. Place a ball on top of each.
  • Players begin 10 yards back from the cones, with the server a similar distance on the other side.


Getting started:

  • The two servers continually throw balls to their team.
  • One player steps forward at a time.
  • With a controlled header, he must try to knock a ball off any of the three cones.
  • The first team to knock all three balls off is the winner.

Why this works:

This simple, yet fun, warm-up develops heading technique, a talent that is often overlooked in terms of its importance. Players should be told to keep their eyes on the ball, to head through the top of the ball and down to the floor.

Although this is designed as a heading warm-up, it can be developed to be used for passing, half volleys, volleys, and chest volleys.

This formation advice is taken from The Ultimate Soccer Warm-Ups Manual.

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Dave Clarke

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