Soccer warm down drill with stretching and dribbling

Soccer warm-down drills are an important part of your coaching sessions, but if you’re going to get your players to be enthusiastic about doing them, they have to be interesting and lively.

This soccer drill is a fun way to get players actively taking part and making the most of their warm-down exercises.

warm down soccer drill to get players dribbling the ball in between players stretching

Warm-down drill set up

Arrange your players into two teams.

Tell one team to perform some dynamic and static stretching exercises of their choice. Tell the other team to dribble in and out of the stretching players and complete various skills and nutmegs on them.

On your whistle, the players switch roles.

Advance the soccer (football) drill

The warm down soccer drill can now be progressed to include:

  • the dribbling players making take-over moves with the stretching players;
  • the dribbling players making one-two passes with the stretching players;
  • the dribbling players pass to the stretching players and tell them to turn and dribble.

After all the soccer drill progressions, you should give the dribbling players the choice of actions to use with the stretching players. The only rule to be used is that the players must not do the same progression on each turn.

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