Soccer warm up drill combining bursts of speed and ball control

This warm-up soccer drill is a good fitness test to get players practising short bursts of speed while keeping the ball under control. It also tests the accuracy of their pass or shot.


Soccer drills such as this one are excellent for fitness tests with a competition at the end. To make this soccer (football) drill competitive, players who miss the target balls must sit out. To make the drill easier or harder, use more or less balls in the target zone.

soccer warm up drill with 2 teams competing to knock balls off cones

Drill set up

  • Arrange your players into two teams.
  • You and a helper act as ball collectors in the drill.
  • The two teams must compete against each other and try to be the first team to knock the balls off the cones.
  • The players dribble at top speed into the shooting box, then try to hit the cones with a pass.
  • The next player goes when the previous player has sprinted back to the group.

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