Soccer warm up drill for leg power

Here are three warm-up drills designed to increase your soccer players’ leg power so they have more strength and stamina when it comes to recovery runs and tackling.

Hopping soccer drill

  • Players hop on one leg and try to get as much distance between each step as possible.
  • Hop over a five-metre distance and players should get three or four hops in.
  • Don’t do more than three drill repetitions in a session and make sure you work both legs equally.

Shadow runs soccer drill

  • Players should work in pairs and run around an area – the size of your penalty area – one player in front trying to shake off the other player who is trying to be his shadow.
  • The shadow should start with his hand on the shoulder of the player he is following.
  • Play for two minutes then swap over.

Squat jump soccer drill

  • Players perform a squat.
  • The feet are slightly wider than a shoulder-width apart. The toes are very slightly turned out. The back is straight with the shoulders back.
  • The hands can be touching the side of the head or holding an imaginary bar.
  • From the bottom point, players push up explosively, getting as much height off the ground as possible. On landing they regain their balance and repeat the soccer drill.
  • Do three or four squat jumps in a set and not more than three sets in a session.

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