Soccer warm up drill to get players running into space

This is a good warm-up soccer drill to get players running into space and communicating when they are attacking and defending. It also coaches players to give their team-mates support and can be used when bad weather forces indoor play.

Set up soccer warm-up drill

  • Divide your players into two teams.
  • Use a small pitch for this soccer drill, around 30 x 20 yards, and have two goals with no goalkeepers.

Run the soccer drill

  • The object in this soccer drill is to score a goal. However, players can only move if they have not got the ball. Start with the rule that everyone must move if they haven’t got the ball and they can only stop when they get it.
  • Once the ball has been passed to a player, they must stop within two steps, then pass.
  • Failure to stop or to get a pass away quickly results in the ball going to the opposition goalkeeper.
  • Start the soccer drill with no tackling allowed.
  • Interceptions are allowed so teams must move and look to try and guess where the pass will go.
  • To avoid lazy players, introduce conditions such as no score is valid unless all players have made a pass. Alternatively lay out cones and nominate one for all players to sprint to after their team has scored.

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