Soccer warm up drill to get players thinking

This is a fun soccer drill to test decision-making skills when your soccer (football) players are tired. It can be set up quickly to use as a soccer warm-up or warm-down drill.

As well as a good drill to use for fitness, this is good for attackers and defenders to test their decision-making abilities. This soccer drill requires them to either get a good pass in or make a good block. It’s quick to play and can be used by small and large groups.

Drill set up tips

  • Use cones for this drill and mark out a circle in the middle of the pitch, about ten yards in radius.
  • Split the group into two equal teams. Nominate one of the teams as the attackers.
  • You and both teams stand in the circle, before you kick a ball out of the circle.
  • The attackers fetch the ball and attempt to score a goal by passing the ball through the circle, arriving from any angle. They can run and pass in any direction, but not above waist height.
  • The defenders can tackle or block the ball. Allow the defending team to leave the circle at your discretion.


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