Soccer warm up drill to run mid training session

Soccer warm-up drills don’t always have to be used at the beginning of your soccer training session. Try running this warm-up drill after playing a small-sided game, so your players can have a breather. A soccer drill such as this one also gives you a chance to walk around your players and see who is advancing on the skills front.

Use your soccer coaching skills during this drill and take players to one side to encourage them or point out skills and techniques they could work at, or do better with.

Soccer (football) warm-up drills are good session fillers in themselves and help soccer coaches develop their players’ skills.

Soccer drill set up

  • Get your players into pairs. Set up a square 30 x 30 yards – so you can easily modify your small-sided games pitch. Each pair has a ball.
  • The player in possession must dribble away from their partner. The partner jogs behind, keeping a short distance from their team-mate.
  • On your whistle, the player in possession must complete a turn, then pass to their team mate. The partner must make an angled run into space in order to receive the pass.
  • The soccer drill is repeated continuously for around 10 minutes.

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