Soccer warm up drill with a twist

Try this different, fun way to warm up your young soccer (football) players.

Soccer drill set up

  • Using the posts as the net in this drill, mark out a pitch that is as wide as the posts, and is five metres deep either side of the posts. Have three players on each side, with one ball.
  • Players must use the skills of soccer to play a volleyball-style game.
  • Service rotates from side to side as in volleyball and is done from the service line only, and each team rotates servers when the ball is won back.
  • Players serve by kicking the ball over the net to the opposing team.
  • Ball handling is as soccer (football) rules (no hands or arms allowed). The ball may be touched up to three times on each side, but only twice by the same player and can bounce once on each side.
  • Points are only scored when serving. A point is scored by the serving team when the ball touches the playing surface more than once on the opposing side or is touched more than three times by the receiving team or is hit out of the marked area.
  • You play up to a certain amount of points, start at 5 and if that is over too quickly move up to 11.

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