Squat jump soccer warm up drill

Using a combination of jumps in a drill is a great way to help your young players warm up their muscles before a match, as well as building up their core agility skills.

Known as plyometrics, these jumps work on a quick, powerful movement using a stretch reflex. A stretch reflex occurs when a muscle lengthens (stretches), then immediately shortens – the reflex action occurs when the muscle changes from the lengthening to the shortening action.

Using this soccer drill as a warm-up exercise is a great way to prepare muscles for the rigours of a match or soccer training session.

Squat jump soccer drill

  • Stand, feet hip-width apart.
  • Drop rapidly into a partial squat position.
  • Immediately jump for maximum height.
  • Land with semi-squat position.
  • Complete the drill with three sets of six repetitions.
  • Rest for 90 seconds between drill sets.


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