Steal the ball soccer warm up drill

As a soccer coach, it’s vital that you get young players to warm up thoroughly at the beginning of a soccer training session. When you’re coaching youngsters, you need to not only get them in the right frame of mind for taking part in the coaching session, but also limit their risk of injury.

Often my players have come straight from school to start their soccer training session, having been cooped up all day in a classroom. They are usually more than ready to release bursts of energy. You need to harness this energy and give them some fun, energising and competitive training drills from the word “Go.”

This is a simple warm-up drill to get your young players moving and letting off steam.

Soccer drill set up

  • Set up four cones in a square around 15 metres x 15 metres for this drill. Have a player on each cone, and eight balls in the centre.
  • The players have one minute to race to the balls and dribble one back to their cone. Players can steal from each others’ corners but can only dribble one ball at a time.
  • The soccer drill is played for one minute. The winner is the player with most balls in their corner at the end of the minute.


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