Stretching warm up drills

Players should always be encouraged to stretch, whether this is at home, before or after exercise, or during breaks in both matches and training sessions.

Stretching is important in soccer as it increases your players’ flexibility and range of movement, plus it can help reduce the risk of injury.

Players should always be encouraged to stretch. Here are exercises for two types of stetching for flexibility.

Static stretching

Groin stretch – sit on the floor, bring your feet together so that both soles are touching. Gently lean forward and pull your feet off the floor. You should begin to feel the stretch in your groin area.

Dynamic stretching

Heel flicks – while jogging, put your hands behind your back and then with each stride bring your heel up to flick against the palms of your hands.

Click here for a jogging and stretching warm-up drill designed to help young players prepare for their soccer coaching sessions and matches.


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