The importance of first touch

This session can be used as a warm-up or warm-down for older players or as a session for players who find first touch difficult. The first touch should make the second touch easier whether it is a dribble a pass or a shot.

So the emphasis in this session is the repetition of first touch and getting a pass away with the second touch.

This is a warm-up that has its emphasis on coaching touch and technique.


How to play it

  • Set up as shown in the diagram – the practice uses six players in a 15-yard square.
  • Four players go outside the area and two inside.
  • Two balls are in play simultaneously.
  • The two inside players continuously receive passes, then control the ball to pass out to one of the outside players. The outside players are always on the move.
  • Add the condition that any misplaced passes lead to players switching positions.

Technique and tactics

  • Each player should have a picture in his mind so that, before the ball arrives at his feet, he knows how he will receive the ball and how he will pass it on.
  • Players need to get side-on to receive.
  • They must control with one foot and pass with the other.
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