Warm down soccer drill using Aussie rules

A great way to get your players to warm-down after a training drill session is by using this Aussie rules drill. Players hold the ball in their hands and volley it to pass – when they catch the ball they have to stand still before making the next volleyed pass. The opposition has to intercept the volley.
This soccer warm-down drill offers something different for your players and is a good, fun way to end a soccer coaching session.

  • Arrange your players into two teams. Mark out an area 30 x 30 yards with three cones at each end with a ball balanced on each cone.
  • The players must make volley and catch passing movements.
  • The aim is to get down the field and knock a ball off the opponent’s cones.
  • The player in possession of the ball must not move.
  • The other players in the team must make supporting runs and movement to receive the ball.
  • This warm down drill is played for a set time or until one team has knocked off all their opponent's balls.

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