Warm up soccer drill for match days

This soccer warm-up drill is simple to set up, simple to run but very effective in getting your players match ready.

Set up the warm up drill

You need to use a mannequin in this warm-up drill but when you’re at an away ground you can take the place of the mannequin.

You need a square with cones at either end. You’re looking for around 15m x 15m but space is often limited on match days so make it as big as possible within the space you have. A good soccer coaching tip is to set up a couple of these so all the players get a chance to take part in the warm up drill.


Both ends work at the same time. On your call of “jockey,” “show right” or “show left,” the players must pressure the mannequin and take up the correct position.

The player holds this pressure for 2–3 seconds before jogging out.

Extend the drill

Remove the mannequin and play 1v1 duels.

Firstly, work diagonally with the defender showing the attacker to the right. Then switch the drill and play the opposite way with the defender showing to the left. Now defend straight on. The defender will have to decide which way to show the attacker.

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