Warm up soccer drill with gates

Use this soccer training drill to warm up your players and work on their passing skills before a match starts.
Watching other teams warm up can often deliver a fatal blow, even before a ball is kicked…

You want other teams to be looking at your players and thinking “Uh oh, they look good!” Warm up drills are very important, especially when you’ve spent hours on the training pitch. Don’t be sluggish at the first whistle.

Here’s a good warm-up drill to get those passing skills going:

Gate warm up drill

  • Get your players to make a three x five yard square with cones and stand at opposite ends. The players must take a touch to the side, then pass through the middle of the two cones (gate).
  • If one of the players makes a mistake, then the other player gets a point and restarts the soccer drill.
  • The players must use both feet and various parts of the foot to control the ball and make the pass in this drill, for example, inside, outside and sole with both right and left foot.


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