Winning Overloads

Which team can build an advantage as the game moves towards 5v5 in this rapidly expanding series of overload situations?

Set up

Area: 40 x 30 yard
Equipment: 2 Goals, 10 Balls
No. of Players: 8 Outfield, 2 Goalkeepers

Winning overloads game


The Rules

  1. The first player from the white team dribbles and uses three touches to shoot against the keeper.
  2. Immediately 2 players from the black team make a 2v1 going in the opposite direction.
  3. Players are then added in sequence until all balls and players have entered the pitch to make 4v4.
  4. The coach then passes the extra four balls into the game (one at a time).


For the next game, the starting team 3 rotates.

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