How time-saving, stress-busting, “print and go” soccer practice plans and advice can be your coaching “life-saver”

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  4.  169 warm-up activities so you are never short of ideas to start your session
  5.  624 expert advice articles on fitness and diet, team and parent management, refereeing
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You know the feeling. You’re just back from work and training is looming but you haven’t had time to plan.

Do you reach for the “same old” session and hope no one notices, or start searching endlessly online for something new? Could you do without the stress of hoping that something good will turn up?

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If you can spare three minutes to read on, I’d like to explain why Soccer Coach Weekly website offers a great solution to this common problem, plus many other coaching problems.

A subscription to Soccer Coach Weekly means you can:

  • Enjoy the convenience of never being short of ideas for training
  • Always have a new drill, game or activity ready, from shooting and defending, to dribbling, tackling, goalkeeping and warm-ups
  • Save valuable time, with no more random searching for drills, or slaving over computer software to create them
  • Give yourself space to concentrate on the other things a coach has to do (and as you know, there are lots of these)

Soccer Coach Weekly offers an ever-rising number of proven and easy-to-use soccer drills, coaching sessions, practice plans, small-sided games, warm-ups, training tips and advice – so you never have to worry about where your next bright idea drill is coming from. Many of our subscribers say they wish they had benefited from Soccer Coach Weekly at an earlier stage in their coaching careers. See Customer Reviews here.

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All materials are created for the grassroots youth coach following best practice from around the world and insights from the professional game. Our qualified coaches provide only drills and activities they have tested themselves, ensuring that you receive only those that are easy to coach, and they make sure that young players “get” the concepts without too much effort.

Easy to use

Soccer Coach Weekly drills are clear, simple and get the coaching points over usually in three illustrations, allowing us to show the movement of players and time, something impossible in a single image. They are printable from PC, mobile or tablet, so you can take useful hard copies to training and hand them out to assistants. The page layout is specially designed to minimise expensive toner costs, by reducing heavy ink requirements wherever possible.

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Consistent and reliable

Soccer Coach Weekly has been serving soccer coaches around the world since 2006. Like them, you will appreciate not having to search for or create new drills for every new coaching session you run. You’ll have a library of activities permanently at hand.

Tips and advice

The website doesn’t just do practices and activities, it also provides tips and advice on how to coach for the benefit of the players. They cover team management and selection, dealing with difficult players and their parents, psychology, fitness and nutrition, and refereeing.

As a subscriber you’re also entitled to receive personalised one-to-one advice from me as part of our unique Ask Dave service. Just send me an email with your soccer coaching problem or question and I’ll get back to you with my help. Some of the questions and answers are published.

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Make your life easier – the hard work is done for you

So stop worrying about the practicalities of delivering meaningful and progressive training sessions for your players, and concentrate on other important areas like building personal relationships, providing one-to-one attention, and working on team spirit and motivation.

Simply subscribe now to immediately start getting the benefits of immediate website access and soccer plans and practices you can trust.

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Here’s what some existing subscribers say about Soccer Coach Weekly:

Rhett Asher, United States

“I’ve been receiving and using the information provided in Soccer Coach Weekly for about 3 years now, which is about the same time I transitioned my girls soccer team from a recreation league to a more competitive select league.

Since then, our team has moved from Div 3 to Div 1 and just completed an undefeated 1st place season in Div 1! I have learned so much and been able to use all the valuable information to help the girls with things like improved passing, switching of the field, better transitioning and increased goal scoring opportunities.

The girls have really enjoyed learning the many new ways to improve their play, their sense of teamwork and how to create success for all the players on the team. Each season we have no less than 8-10 players who score from all positions due to the lessons learned through Soccer Coach Weekly.

This has become one of my greatest coaching tools and I am grateful for all the work that goes into it. Keep it coming!!”

– Rhett Asher, Head Coach, U16 Girls, Montgomery Soccer, Montgomery County, Maryland

Rhett Asher and some of his Montgomery Soccer U16 Girls

Rhett Asher and some of his Montgomery Soccer U16 Girls

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 Ivan Casha, Malta

Soccer Coach Weekly has improved my training sessions for adults and I instruct my other coaches to use them with kids. I must say that I am happy with what I receive and I will continue my subscription.”

– Ivan Casha, Marsa FC, Malta

Ivan Casha, Team Manager of the cup-winning Marsa FC, of Qawra, Malta, with his son

Ivan Casha, Team Manager of the cup-winning Marsa FC, of Qawra, Malta, with his son

Dave Scragg, Australia

“I have been coaching junior football for 8 years in England and Australia and have tried several different coaching manuals throughout that time with varied success.

Since subscribing to Soccer Coach Weekly I have found my sessions easier to plan, given time constraints of being a volunteer coach with a full time job to hold down. I have also seen the enjoyment on our players’ faces and enthusiasm to train.

The results speak for themselves with my girls team currently sitting at the top of the league, scoring 82 goals so far and conceding only 2 compared to last season where we struggled the whole season.

My boys have improved ten-fold and are currently pushing for a play-off position for Premier League next season. I put this combined success down to the use of your drills and advice and have recommended your manuals to all of our 53 coaches in the club!”

– Dave Scragg, Quinns FC, Quinns Rocks, Western Australia

Dave Scragg (left) and his wife, with their girls U13s team in Quinns Rocks, Western Australia

Dave Scragg (left) and his wife, with their girls U13s team in Quinns Rocks, Western Australia

Martyn Rushmore, United States

“I enjoy Soccer Coach Weekly. I pass along the magazine for the coaches and they use some of the drills. The sessions are easy to implement, and easy to download. We use the sessions and adapt them to our teams.

We have weekly meetings and the ezine is printed out on the table for our coaches to read and use. If our coaches are ever short of ideas they can always pull one out to help with drills.

My 15 year old son enjoys reading it when he comes to my work. I like the different stories and the player and manager views.”

– Martyn Rushmore, Cedar Stars Academy, Rockaway, New Jersey, United States

Martyn Rushmore, Cedar Stars Academy, Rockway, New Jersey, United States

Martyn Rushmore, Cedar Stars Academy, Rockway, New Jersey, United States


Read more customer comments here.

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