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U9s Won't Pass The Ball feature

Help! My Under 9s Will Not Pass The Ball

in Passing, Soccer drills and skills

“How do I get my U9s to understand the need to pass the ball around more? They are so direct and simply want to hammer it up field.” Answer Most likely this comes down to two things – confidence and teamwork. They are both issues that frequently need addressing in young players, though implement them... MORE

U10 passing support play feature

U10s game for passing and support play

in Attacking, Small Sided Games

This session is all about having support on both sides of the pitch when the opposition are pressing and blocking passing routes to the goal. It also helps stop that awful play down the centre of the pitch when 9 and 10 year olds get drawn in to a battle of the middle ground. In... MORE

u10s development

Advice on developing your U10s

in Ask Dave, Team Management

Question “What are the developmental steps for training technical aspects of soccer, like dribbling or passing and receiving to a group of Under 10s?” Answer Coaches have to initially understand the Principles of Play for attacking and defending and base their coaching around them. At U10s i would be looking at a season-long curriculum based... MORE

Gathering a rolling ball featured image

Teach your U10 goalkeeper to gather a rolling ball

in Goalkeeping, Soccer drills and skills

Use this activity to help improve your U10 goalkeeper’s basic skills. Stand two players with a ball 5 yards apart – you can use cones to mark out the distance. Players alternate between being kicker and goalkeeper. The kicking player hits a firm pass to the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper must get down to stop and pick up the ball in the correct... MORE

Coaching U10s to spread play

in Soccer coaching

At training this week, I was coaching a session on passing and movement to switch play with the Under-10s. I used this session on spreading play to give them a good work out. I then asked the players to take the elements that they’d learned into a training game. As the match progressed, I could... MORE

Introducing a curriculum for U9-U10 players

in Soccer coaching

A few years ago, I wanted to guarantee my players had all the necessary tools in their “player development brain” by the end of each age group, so I wrote a comprehensive soccer coaching curriculum, covering the age groups from U7-U16, which I am converting into the EasiCoach series. Having introduced the U7-U8 manual in... MORE

Under 10 target man soccer drill

in Defending, Soccer drills and skills

Sometimes your team will play a team with one player who is much more talented than the rest. This could be a striker that they rely on to score all their goals, or the player who starts all their moves. This soccer drill is particularly good for teaching your under 10 team to defend against... MORE

Heading soccer drill for older players

in Heading, Soccer drills and skills

When your players get to U10 and U11, this is the age they become strong enough to use heading skills properly in matches. Having instilled in them the confidence to head the ball at an early age (click here for a fun heading skills drill aimed at younger players) they will move onto more aggressive... MORE

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