U7 soccer drills and games

U7 attacking game

U7 attacking game

in Attacking, Small Sided Games

It isn’t always easy to teach young players how to play the game – often when you start a match one of the players will ask you “which way are we kicking?”. So at training when you are coaching age groups like the Under 7s or 8s you need to work on what happens in... MORE

U7s coaching difficulty

I didn’t realise coaching U7s would be so difficult

in Ask Dave, Team Management

“I’ve played for a team for the last 23 years and have now started coaching a team of Under 7s. I didn’t realise the challenge of coaching such young players! I’ve only been coaching them for 3 weeks and they have already improved in leaps and bounds. They couldn’t even run sideways without falling over... MORE

Play tag to give players a fun soccer warm...

in Warm Ups

Simple warm-up drills often work best with young players in the U4-U7 age groups, but are also often good for older players. Use the following soccer drill, based on a tag game idea, to appeal to all age groups and to get players ready to focus on your soccer coaching session. Run soccer warm-up drill... MORE

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